Canada not a great place to work for Ottawa’s Mark Stone

Sad to see; mostly because of what these kind of jerks teach our youth; this is exactly why I’ve tuned them out completely and am a golf fan . . . a gentlemen’s game; far better message for society than neanderthal barbaric behavior like this; should be benched for the rest of the playoffs and fined severly; send a real message; violence during . . . a “game” will not be tolerated. I’ll leave it at that before I descend into a diatribe about pukes like this in the world . . .

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subbanslashThe Stanley Cup Playoffs began last night, and to grind salty ice slush into my Bruins didn’t make the playoffs wound, I tortured myself watching Ottawa at Montreal. 8:23 into the second period, Montreal’s P.K. Subban gave the Ottawa Senators Mark Stone a welcoming “Bonjour” with a lumberjacking two-hander across Stone’s unpadded arm. Mimicking his hosts, Stone flopped to the ice like he had been shot, and Subban received a 5 minute major penalty along with a rest of the game timeout in the locker room. The Montreal fans wailed cries of displeasure, but I’m sure none of them called local authorities to demand the arrest of Monsieur Subban. Objective me doesn’t think the infraction was that bad, but Bruins fan me says, “See ya, P.K.”

In stark contrast to the hostile environment Mark Stone faced in Montreal’s Bell Centre, Kronos employees in Montreal and other Canadian cities consider Kronos une endroit idéal pour…

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